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Czech: The Small Catechism
Malý Katechismus

Dutch: The Augsburg Confession

De Augsburgse Confessie

Faroese: The Small Catechism
Martin Luthers lítla Katekismus

Finnish: The Book of Concord

French: The Augsburg Confession
La Confession d'Augsbourg (1530)

French: The Small Catechism
Le Petit Catéchisme de Martin Luther

Italian: The Augsburg Confession
Confessione Augustana

Japanese: The Small Catechism

Lithuanian: The Book of Concord
Liuteroniško Tikėjimo Išpažinimo Raštai

Norwegian: The Augsburg Confession
Den Augsburgske Bekjennelse

Norwegian: The Small Catechism
Luthers Lille Katekisme

Polish: The Book of Concord
Księgi Wyznaniowe Kościoła Ewangelicko-Augsburskiego

Portuguese: The Augsburg Confession
Confissão de Augsburgo

Portuguese: The Small Catechism
Catecismo Menor

Romanian: The Small Catechism
Catehmismul mic

Russian: Book of Concord
Книгу согласия

Slovakian: The Augsburg Confession
Augsburské vyznanie

Spanish: The Augsburg Confession
La Confesión De Augsburgo

Swedish: The Book of Concord
Den lutherska kyrkans bekännelseskrifter

Turkish: The Augsburg Confession
Augsburg Iman Ikrari

Ukrainian: The Book of Concord
Сайт душпастиря Павла

Yddish: Di Meshiehishe Emune
Kleynem Katekhizm





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